My child was struggling in reading at school. Heidi was extremely patient with my child.  She made my child feel confident to where my child increased in levels at school and was performing well above grade level.  Thank you so much Heidi for everything you did to help my child.  I highly recommend her for tutoring.  

Ms. Randolph

My daughter has improved in math and reading.  I owe my gratitude to Heidi for giving so much attention and time to my child.  

Rich B. 

I can not say enough good things about Heidi.  I have a special needs child and I was not able to find a tutor that was willing to work with my child.  She understood what my child needed and how to relate to her.  She took her time and help my daughter feel more at ease.  The tutoring sessions were successful each time they met.  My Sarah started making better grades and was thriving in skills I never thought she would.  

Lisa R.  

Heidi helped my child with such great enthusiasm and patience. She evaluated my child to figure out what his deficits were and then determined a plan to help him succeed.  My son was struggling in all areas and was refusing any help from me.  I had hired several other tutors and they just did not work out.  I then found Heidi, and she really related to my son to where he really trusted her and felt comfortable.  He then started flourishing in all areas of school.  I am so great full.  

Beth H.