Tutoring and teaching children has been a passion of mine for over 20 years. I have had the

opportunity throughout the years to enrich my skills with training and development as a certified educator.  My certifications include general education as well as a special education.  

I use a unique approach in working with my students as I believe it is important to develop a trust with my students.  Therefore students will feel comfortable and be more susceptible to learning.  

 Tutoring online has become a craft I have perfected.  With the use of document cameras, online whiteboards and interactive tools, students are more engaged in the learning process.  Proven strategies are utilized and consistent evaluations along with progress monitoring allows me to monitor student success.  My students learn quicker and are more engaged in the learning process.  

Basic strategies are taught that also help students along with teaching common core lessons if that is what is needed.  

My philosophy renders in a caring and supportive interaction allowing students to feel comfortable while also having fun.  

I am different because I understand the importance of respect toward the students while also keeping up to date with the high demands of the educational curriculum today.